Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Frits bids farewll to his loyal servant

Later today, and perhaps already in the Netherlands, since it is now 7 am in WDC flickr contact Frits, at age 64 1/2, will undergo a circumcision - as a result of some recent problems he has developed with 'elasticity'.

Perhaps, a form of phimosis, it is not an uncommon condition for adult men.

Bidding farewell to his 'loyal servant' Frits recently took a series of NAKED TRUTH self-portraits which may be offensive to some. But, certainly, NOT TO ME.

His very personal and yet public tribute brought to mind a documentary project that I heard of, a few years ago, that photographs women going through the process of breast cancer.

Both are perfect examples of THE NAKED TRUTH. In his case, others may learn something about phimosis as well as alternative treatments. Which I had never heard of.

Best wishes to Frits for a quick recovery.

To learn more about Fritz visit his flickr profile. He's had a very interesting life and rich history.

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