Wednesday, October 11, 2006

20/20 vision at 53

When I visited the DC Department Motor Vehicle Office in Georgetown on Monday, 2 October, to renew my drivers license since I had difficulty in passing the vision screening ... on Friday morning, 5 October, I took the subway out to Pentagon City for a visit with Costco's - Premier Optometric Services for a required DC DMV Medical/Eye Report. Relatively speaking, at 20/20 vision, my eyes are healthy. Though I will need glasses for reading and long distances. While there I ordered a pair of bifocals, with no line which should be available within ten days.


Taken in December 2005 this photo was one of the first in my Naked To TheWorld Project. As the fianl credit page in my 2006 National Coming Out Day - Lover Power - Capital Pride 2006 photo monage video it boldly states that my photography represents my weapon against racism. While Naked to the World was conceived as self-portrait project that would feature images of only of myself, in February 2006, I would launch the NAKED TRUTH PROJECT which will feature images not only of myself but many others as well. Which, in the fall of this year (2006), I intend to delve more into.

Which brings me ... and perhaps you ... to the purpose of this blog.